Considerations To Know About διαχειριση σελιδας facebook

On the other hand their Angle to nationalist groups is pleasant. They promote nationalist situations in the webpage underneath the pretext in their “anti-occupation battle” and distinction to a federal Answer in Cyprus.

Eksallou i parousia tou anarxikou xorou itan entoni kai emprakti se diadilwseis kata twn imperialistwn.

“There are times the place articles is surfaced on our System that violates our benchmarks,” stated Rob Leathern, product or service management director at Facebook. “In cases like this, we’ve eradicated the affiliated focusing on fields in concern.

εν υποστιριζετε την βια αλλα στον αντιεξουσιαστικο και αναρχικο χωρο εχει πολλους που την υποστιριζουν.

o- We have provided absolutely free tutoring to immigrant schoolchildren who may have difficulties with language together with other faculty classes.

αυτοσκοπός δεν είναι φυσικά απλά να εκφέρεις εναλλακτικό λόγο αλλά να τον πιστεύεις κι ολας

Θα προσπαθήσω,όσο πιο καλά μπορώ να εξηγησω τι εννοούσα στην παρέμβασή μου..

It appears that evidently some Reviews are now being posted in this article that happen to be too prolonged, and the automated system is rejecting them, although leaving a trace inside the admin applications.

από ποιους ακριβώς θα βρεθούν αυτοί οι καλύτεροι θεσμοί και λειτουργίες που θα το αντικαταστήσουν δηλαδή αυτοοργανωμένες κοινότητες;

This action begun in Facebook Teams and has developed substantially. More than 450 million people today check out invest in and market groups each month — from households in a local community to collectors throughout the world.

’” Then we additional a class that Facebook advised whenever we typed in “Hitler”: a classification referred to as “Hitler did nothing at all Improper.” All have been called website “fields of analyze.”

How 'Web neutrality' turned a incredibly hot-button challenge The moment a nerdy engineering concern, net neutrality is pushing plenty of buttons nowadays.

Τωρά με το τραβηκτήκαν οι κόκκινες γραμμές, τρέχουν να ταμπουρωθούν πίσω που τις θρασύδειλες τους "θέσεις". Αά, οι ψευδο-αναρχικοί ομολογούν πιό πάνω πως όλοι τους εξέραν γιά τις χρηματοδοτήσεις αλλά ΟΥΔΕΙΣ τους έγραψε μιά λέξη γιά τούτο.

This weblog has carried out it all over again! Congratulations: they may have occur out with a wild state of affairs of private and sexual fantasies, they've got claimed that all of these have essentially fashioned the backgroud of every substitute motion and motion and also have last but not least managed to end up getting their favourite punch line: this Gregory is in charge for every little thing!

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